• Immoral Rendezvous

    Immoral Rendezvous

    Let us not dread in the pain, Rather, let us engulf ourselves in the pleasure This constant war that only ends in the inevitable,  As though the Sahara’s have finally been ravaged by monsoons. You’ve consumed me Come now, come be embraced in the heat of my desire Give your lengthened passion entry into the […] Read more

  • Underground Traffic

    Underground Traffic

    David and Linda’s marriage reached a dead-end a year ago when David decided that she was more of a commodity to him than the mother of his children. David no longer loved the woman he swore to protect when her father offered her to him as a sign of gratitude for saving the family business. […] Read more

  • Value of The Code

    Value of The Code

    Consider this: Martha and Jean swore on their friendship that they would always be there for each other. That was the code! Martha was a busy financial planner with two kids and a husband who worked long hours at the local clinic. Her best friend Jean was a recovering alcoholic whose familiarity with rehab had […] Read more

  • If The Heart Could Talk

    If The Heart Could Talk

    Ever wonder what it’s like admiring something or someone at arm’s length? Each passing day is an urge to push the boundaries of ‘what if’ and ‘oh what that would be like.’ Well, this was Morgan, and to her, feeling this way was second nature. One that she had accepted as fate, for every time […] Read more

  • With You In Eldorado

    With You In Eldorado

    I, Sir Clement of the Neverland Valley hereby invite thee, Lady Helena of the  Pegasus Mansion to do me the honor  of cohabitation. You and I my Lady are like two distinct colors unique in their own way but when united, bring to life an energy like no other one so captivating that everyone and everything […] Read more

  • A Place At The Table: The Review

    A Place At The Table: The Review

      A Place At The Table is a documentary that highlights ongoing issues in the United States of America today. Hunger, Poverty, and food insecurity are at the center of the revealing film. The documentary explores trials and tribulations that many people face throughout their lives. It shows how hunger poses serious economic, social and cultural […] Read more