• The Plight

    The Plight

    A moral dilemma involves moral or ethical issues that have positive and negative consequences no matter the choices made. It also involves internal and external pressures to choose one way over the other. Once upon a time in middle school, a close friend of mine was involved in a case that would have him suspended… Read more

  • More To Cover Up

    More To Cover Up

     What could the next big fashion trend be post-pandemic? The thought of a new fashion statement spewing from the massive effects of a global pandemic and a national revolution is exciting to say the least. Social distancing measures have made people paranoid to the idea that face masks and gloves are not just necessary accessories in… Read more

  • Panic: The Review

    Panic: The Review

    Panic has not always been recognized as an exclusively psychiatric condition. Research in this area continued along separate medical and psychological axes until 1980, when the development of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual criteria established the overall concept of panic disorder. Females are almost twice as likely as males to suffer from panic disorders, and about… Read more

  • Conversations From Suisse: A Short Story

    Conversations From Suisse: A Short Story

    A woman’s yearn for a spontaneous adventure meets a man’s hope for closure in this nightmare thriller.  Read more

  • Immoral Rendezvous

    Immoral Rendezvous

    Let us not dread in the pain, Rather, let us engulf ourselves in the pleasure This constant war that only ends in the inevitable,  As though the Sahara’s have finally been ravaged by monsoons. You’ve consumed me Come now, come be embraced in the heat of my desire Give your lengthened passion entry into the… Read more

  • Underground Traffic

    Underground Traffic

    David and Linda’s marriage reached a dead-end a year ago when David decided that she was more of a commodity to him than the mother of his children. David no longer loved the woman he swore to protect when her father offered her to him as a sign of gratitude for saving the family business.… Read more

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