If The Heart Could Talk

Ever wonder what it’s like admiring something or someone at arm’s length? Each passing day is an urge to push the boundaries of ‘what if’ and ‘oh what that would be like.’ Well, this was Morgan, and to her, feeling this way was second nature. One that she had accepted as fate, for every time she tried going off-script her world would come crashing down on her faster than a pile up at the Indy 500. The friend zone was her place and she owned it with pride. Stepping out of the friend zone was like winning a lottery trip to mars, but deep down she knew that was one lottery she wouldn’t mind playing till she passed on to the great beyond. It wasn’t for lack of trying! She had been on many dates and explored the intimacy of pleasure, but she couldn’t quite keep those flames burning long enough for something real and meaningful.

So, when a longtime friend of hers asked her out on a casual date, it just seemed like the same old routine hangout with someone who was bored and needed company. Except this friend was one she liked, one she had always liked, and one she would probably never have. This one was special in many ways, annoyingly gorgeous, smart and highly talented, had clear goals, and was a damn catch.

The night began with the pair finding themselves in a pickle. The theater wasn’t showing their film for another hour, but it was 12am, and most of the restaurants in the area were closed. As usual, her date was always hungry, so it made sense that food was the first thing they talked about when they met. They eventually found a pizza spot near the theater and chatted for twenty-five minutes. Morgan was happy to know that Larissa was still single and wasn’t getting any luck with her flings either. Maybe, she thought, this date was actually going to lead to something, and she could finally tell Larissa how she felt about their friendship. The film was good enough, but she couldn’t concentrate. Larissa looked extremely beautiful as light from the projector made her face blossom.

The way she laughed made everything in the world feel good. Even the noisy couple sitting in front of them didn’t seem to bother her. Every now and then, Larissa would glance towards her and beg that she watch the movie, but the young woman couldn’t keep her cool. She needed to know, she wanted answers to questions only her were familiar with. Any wrong move and she could lose a friend forever or gain a lover for life. Two hours of the movie and a big bucket of popcorn, Morgan and Larissa were left outside the theater chuckling about what they had just seen. Larissa hugged her friend tightly and begged to hangout again. On the walk to Larissa’s car, Morgan pondered the strategy of how she would tell her friend that she was in love with her. The only obstacle in her plan was that Larissa was straight and she wasn’t sure if Morgan was either. So, the totally genuine and casual date ended with Morgan getting a big hug from the one woman she would kill to explore galaxies with.


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