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  • Of all the Angels

    Of all the Angels

    “Of all the Angels” is an intriguing fictional psychological drama that combines the depth of “The Book of Laughter and Forgetting” with the emotional intensity of “Some Mistakes Were Made.”

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  • The Theory of an Idea

    The Theory of an Idea

    Therapist When you go to bed at night, do you have these thoughts? Jen Yeah. Therapist When you wake up in the morning, do those same thoughts linger? Jen Every time. The therapist scribbled into the notebook, took a sip of the tea on the end table, and let out a sigh as Jen waited…

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  • Useful To You

    Useful To You

    So, there it was, the truth of her past. She was on the run from something more sinister than greed or self-interest. She was running from herself, only to trip and fall into his shaky arms. He didn’t ask any more questions, he couldn’t. He was on borrowed time, and asking how was never as…

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  • Melvin at the Village: Part 2

    Melvin at the Village: Part 2

    The next day soon came, and Melvin was back in the modern section of the museum. She had little to no trouble getting in and navigating the now many life-like artsy scenarios displayed in the room. There seemed to be new additions in the twenty-four hours that had gone by when she saw something familiar.…

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  • Melvin at the Village

    Melvin at the Village

    Except it wasn’t a village, or so she thought. The two-month planned trip to Laqua Forest Village was supposed to be a core memory to stand the test of time. Her boyfriend had just left her with a wounded heart, and she quickly hated the world. Melvin drove two hours up the foggy mountain hoping…

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