• Melvin at the Village

    Melvin at the Village

    Except it wasn’t a village, or so she thought. The two-month planned trip to Laqua Forest Village was supposed to be a core memory to stand the test of time. Her boyfriend had just left her with a wounded heart, and she quickly hated the world. Melvin drove two hours up the foggy mountain hoping […] Read more

  • Dark


    In times of need we seek your counsel A hub of solitude, you take us in. Your presence we feel at sunset Your wrath, we feel from within. The light has no secret Its power is laid bare for all to see. We promise to feed its ego But these promises we cannot keep. There […] Read more

  • When Shall I Sleep?

    When Shall I Sleep?

    Day and night seem the same Yet, I am most alive at night.In the day, I need not dreamBut my dreams, I realize at night.  The blueprint of my dreams I design till the nightlight burns out.Walking up the red-carpeted stage My name, the presenter will one day call out. Today I plot and I schemeAnd in the […] Read more

  • How Do I Love?

    How Do I Love?

    To be honest, I know nothing about romantic relationships. It has never worked for me. It has never brought anything other than the façade of hope, which in itself is a sucker way to look at things. To me, the experience is like when you smoke a fat ass doobie, and the high clears hours later.  You realize all […] Read more

  • Melvin’s Letter

    Melvin’s Letter

    If you’re reading this, then it’s too late, and I’m already gone. I’ve taken the liberty to save you the trouble of explaining your needs and wants to me like I’m a child or better yet, your servant. I can no longer wait for you to make up your mind on how to best feed […] Read more

  • I Want To Disappear III: A Hypothesis

    I Want To Disappear III: A Hypothesis

    The day I disappeared was a great day. It was a year-long duck that finally broke when the Eastern Cruise Company accepted me onboard their Traveler ship. I had been making preparations for my departure for months. I distanced myself from friends and broke off all emotional attachments to the ones I loved. I went […] Read more