Ebere Pretty is a creative writer and author who moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to pursue the craft of storytelling. He grew up in a media environment but wanted no part of it as he believed he wasn’t earnest enough to make it in the “arts.” Trying not to limit himself, he sells the idea that his mind can make art in any form if he is committed. After wandering for two years, he realized he was his most confident when creating literary works that came as foundations for bigger things.

With Backgrounds in International Studies and Creative Writing, Ebere has gone on to create some truly unique works in the form of books (Conversations from Suisse) and award-winning shorts (Train to Gerona, In My Head). His storytelling techniques helped to amplify voices of brands in the tech and services industries (Medical Breakthrough LLC, T-Mobile, Coca-Cola Corp, and more).

The creative brand “Knomad Films” celebrates psychological realism in art in a way that is more of an experience than a static event. His unique vision is influenced by Fluxus art, an art movement he’s admired for years. His story is more of an experience embedded with truths between breaks – that’s where you will find his psychological realism.

As the creator of the Knomad Films brand, Ebere is actively working to entertain fresh ideas on the scribbles of filmmaking. 

Knomad Films° is at the center of celebrating psychological realism in art.

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